Documenta 2012
Biographie/ Ausstellungen


2007‐2011 Student of Folkwang University of Arts
‐ Direction dance under scholarship of Folkwang University of Arts during the whole studies
2009 Student exchange at Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse Lyon, France
2006‐2007 Understudy at Zagreb Dance Ensemble
2001‐2006 Ana Maletic Contemporary Dance School
‐ Education in classical ballet, Laban method, contemporary dance technique
‐ Graham, Nikolais, Release technique
‐ Pedagogy, music, piano and choreography
2000‐2005 Secondary School for foreign languages ‐ Croatian, Latin, English and Italian
1995‐2001 Children Dance Ensembles
1990‐1995 School for Classical Ballet Zagreb

Workshops and Mentors

Franz Marijnen@ Jan Fabre Troubleyn, Text and movement
Johannes Wieland, The invincible loser workshop
Tony Rizzi, Forsythe Techique
Juan Cruz de Garnaio Esnaola (Spain‐Germany) Release dance technique
David Zambrano (Venezuela) Fly low technique
Matija Ferlin (Holland‐Germany‐Croatia) Release dance technique
Libby Nye (USA) Limon technique
Paraz Teresiakis (Canada‐Greece) Tanztheater
Malou Airaudo (France‐Germany) Modern dance technique
Dominique Mercy (France‐Germany) Modern dance technique
Adriaan Lutejin (Holland) Modern dance technique, improvisation
Masa Kolar (Germany‐Croatia) Modern dance technique
Matijaz Faric (Slovenia) Repertoire
Gregor Lustek (Slovenia) Release dance technique
Anne‐Marie Benati (Switzerland‐Germany) Classical ballet
Stefan Brinkmann (Germany) Modern dance technique
Rodolpho Leoni (Brasil‐Germany) Modern dance technique, improvisation
Brian Bertcher (UK‐Germany) Classical ballet
Giorgia Madamma (Italy) Limon technique, Limon repertoire
Dawna Dryhorub (Canada) Classical ballet


2006 3rd prize in the categorie TANZTHEATER in „Grand Prix du Barcelona"
2005 1st prize in the National Competition for the Students of Dance and Music


2014 ‘NO LOGO OPERA(TION)’ – project by kainkollektiv & VRUM, director’s asstistant
2014 ‘100 YEARS OF PARANOIA’ – homage a William S. Burroughs, collaboration with Eberhard
Kranemann ( KRAFTWERK, NEU!’, The International Directors Lounge Berlin
2013 ‘Navigating Darkness’, a solo made in coproduction with Days of Contemporary
Dance Varazdin and a support of Nomad Dance Academy Croatia, still touring
2013 ‘Input in Imput’, collaboration with Sanja Tropp Frühwald
2013 ‘’Plastic like your mother’’, Kiani Del Valle ( Berlin)
( Critical Art Ensemble)
2012 Performing MARINA ABRAMOVIC Luminosity and JOAN JONAS Mirror
2012 ‘’Bach in the Basement’’ – a new piece by Hans Fredewess, Hannover
2012 ‘’Art of Detachment’’ by Irena Mikec in Zagreb, Croatia
2012 „Every nobody’’ ( Gershwin‐ Rhapsodie in Blue)
A piece by Hans Fredewess and Natscha Hahn
2012 „Zero’’ A solo made in collaboration with „Six Pack’’ artist group,
in the frame of MovingArtBox project
2011 „Experimentallabor “ ‐ „KlangKunstVideoMalereiLyrikTanz“
‐ A collaboration with Andre Chi Sing Yuen, Eberhard Kranemann, BrindlArt,
Frank Schablewski, Ina Sladic
2011 „3.14“ ‐ A solo made in collaboration with Maik Ollhoff (Percussion)
‐ Performed on SzoloDuo Festival Köln, Germany
2011 „THE MIRROR‘‘ A project in collaboration with Zagreb Dance Center (artist in residency)
Choreography: Irena Mikec (worked with Paul Selwyn Norton, Bruno Listopad)
2011 Schubert „Der Tod und das Mädchen“
Guest dancer at Compagnie Fredewess. Hannover, Germany
2011 „PRODUCTION‘‘ A project from Xavier Le Roy and Marten Spangberg.
Also performing works of Simone Forti and Mike Kelley
‐ Performed in collaboration with the exibition MOVE/K20 Düsseldorf, Germany
2011 „NOT BLUE‘‘ a piece by Johannes Wieland
2010 Workshop „Le Sacre Du Printemps“ A piece by Pina Bausch
‐ taught by members of Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch
2010 „DOWN FOR YOU IS UP“ A piece by Rodolfo Leoni. Essen, Germany
2010 „TANZIMPROVISATION ABEND“ Wuppertal, Germany
2009 „ELEGIE FOR CELLO AND THE ONE“ dance Ina Sladic musik: Elif Dimli
2008 „CHANCONETTA“ A whole evening performance in Folkwang Hochschule
Choreography: Stefan Brinkmann
2007 „PUR“ collaboration with Cagdas Ermis. Solingen, Germany
2005 „CAFE TANGO“ diploma choreography in the Ana Maletic CDS. Zagreb, Croatia