Es war einmal

Es war einmal … Part 10 … Unkel goes to Venice
Palazzo Mora, Strada Nova, 3659, 30121 Venezia Italien

The exhibition “Personal Structures – Identities” of the European Cultural Center takes place in Palazzo Mora. I was invited to design the facade of the GAA Foundation and parts of the building as part of the 58th Biennale with an installation. began the story of
"Es war einmal … Part 10 … Unkel goes to Venice"
Im Juni 2018

Palazzo Mora / ECC / 58.Biennale Venedig
Martine Seibert-Raken / Konzeptkünstlerin
Erster Besuch und Präsentation der Installation
"es war einmal Unkel goes to Venice"
im Palazzo Mora / Ecc > of the European Cultural Center/ GAA Foundation / 58.Venedig 2019